How to Make Playtime with Children Enjoyable

Although most of the articles available online provide the parent’s interesting tips on entertaining the kids, however, the ways of making playing exciting for the parents is often overlooked. For instance, some of the kids are so good at making up the games and they can come up with innovative means to pass the time, while when it comes to the parents, they struggle with being imaginative or tips to make the time of playing with toddlers fun for them. Moreover, some of the parents are of the view that they tend to get bored if they are expected to watch the kids ride on toy car or playing in general. This means that adults have the higher tendency to feel bored in terms of spending time with the children; however, it does not mean that you cannot change that because there are narrowed down options by the experts in the field to help you with that problem.

Listening to Audio books, News or Podcasts

If you like to read books, you probably cannot do it if you are supposed to watch your kid who is a toddler, but it does not mean that the audio options of listening to a book or news channel cannot be utilized make your time easy. However, if you have never done this before, it is best to practice multitasking first if you don’t want to be a negligent babysitter who can’t seem to focus on two things. The main purpose is to balance your attention rather than getting carried away or distracted from your main task of keeping eyes on your child.

Memorizing the Lyrics or Poems

If you are someone who is not fond of books or news, you can choose those options that may interest you more. For instance, if you are good at memorizing the lyrics, you can recall them in your mind to make your time pass easily. Likewise, some of the adults like to recite poems in the head or out loud to make their time enjoyable. In addition, if you want to recite poems. Which are from your childhood or educational, you can do it with your child as well. The main point is to make the time interesting for you and your kid. 

Playing with Blocks

Playing with blocks is not only educational for the kids, but it can prove to be quite mind grabbing for the adults too. This means that if you pay attention to it, you may enjoy playing with your kids, as cognitive faculties are effectively utilized if one plays with the puzzles or blocks.

Drawing and Painting

When the name of drawing is taken, parents often consider it in terms of a high expert level. In simple words, if you think that drawing with kids or painting will require you to be very good at it, you may be mistaken. In addition, kids are more interested in the basic level of drawing or painting rather than complicated form, which can be done with the help of little assitance. This means that it does not mean that you are supposed to take interest in painting and drawing. However, if your kid is interested in the high level of painting, you can take help from online articles or videos to learn the basics. The main idea is to participate and make the time enjoyable for the kids as well.

Games on Tasting

If you or your kid falls into the category of foodies, maybe you can devise a game that would indulge your sense of taste. For example, you can cook or bake with the help of children if they are old enough to handle the dough or if they like to make cookies. Similarly, in the summer season, you can take out the fresh juices or make fruity punches and taste them one by one to polish the sense of tasting in your children.

Reading Magazines

The option of reading is recommended for those parents who have kids more than ten years old or in the phase of a teenage because older kids will not require you to watch them all the times. Sometimes kids just want you to be there rather than watching them with full attention. However, if you want to make the time productive for the kids, you can discuss topics of interest with them or ask for the opinion on various subjects, as it would help you to get to know your children in a smart way. In addition, if you want to improve the reading skills, you can ask the kids to read a piece of writing on an interesting topic to you.

Board Games

It has been noticed that board games are not only enjoyed by the parents, but most of the children have also interest for these games. Another benefit of the board games is that the mental capacity is enhanced in new ways. For instance, scrabble can help to improve the spellings and if your kids like chess, you can teach them to play with deliberation and those tips are helpful to survive in the practical life, for some of the experts.

Writing Exercises

If you have some work related to office, maybe you can ask your children to help you with it. The main idea is to engage the kids in productive activities. Likewise, you get to influence them in a manner which may improve their writing skills. For example, note taking is one of the popular options. Moreover, you can take help from the children in finding the important information in books or to find the right words from the dictionary. Some of the children like to summarize or paraphrase hard to understand articles. However, if you are in the field that may not be very appealing to your children, you can ask them to write to you on their favorite topic. Another option is to give them free hand in terms of coming up with a creative piece of writing.


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